Topless vegans in nude protest outside London Fashion Week

The PETA protesters wore black trousers and had the phrase “wear your own skin” painted on their bodies.

They raised their fists in the air and chanted as crowds gathered to watch the “flash mob” outside The Store Studios, on the Strand in central London.

PETA activists encouraged passers-by not to wear fur, leather and other animal-derived materials.

“We will battle this until every single person realises that fur is not acceptable”


Passers-by heard their chants: “Animal skin is not fashion, where the hell is your compassion?”

They bared their skin despite the chilly winter weather as London Fashion Week kicked off.

In a statement on its website, PETA said women had “crashed the event” to draw attention to the “cruelty inherent in the production of animal-derived materials”.

Topless women protest outside London Fashion WeekPA

DEMONSTRATION: Topless women protested outside London Fashion Week on the Strand

It added: “On fur farms, animals are driven insane inside tiny wire cages before finally being painfully slaughtered.

“The leather industry is responsible for the deaths of over a billion animals every year.”

One protester told the Metro the choreographed performance was pivotal in changing opinions.

Passers-by look on at the topless protestGETTY

CROWDS: Passers-by look on at the topless protest

She said: “The topless protest, some people may find shocking.

“But do you know what is shocking? The fact that people wear bits of completely tortured, brutalised animals – and think that it’s normal.

“They do not take a second thought to think how they got their fur, and if they do, they just don’t care.

“We will battle this until every single person realises that fur is not acceptable.”

The animal rights organisation has revealed through investigations that minks, foxes, and other animals spend their entire lives confined to cages on fur farms.

Many are then slaughtered by poisoning, gassing, electrocution, or neck-breaking.

Cows killed for leather and sheep being sheared also face abuses by workers.


Adwoa Aboah: Fear of abuse is ‘rampant’ in fashion industry

Adwoa Aboah says many models are scared of being abused at work.

“Fear has run rampant amongst our community of models. Far too many young models, both women and men, are mistreated and put at risk,” she said.

The London-born model was speaking to industry insiders at the start of London Fashion Week.

Adwoa was the first cover star for Vogue under new boss Edward Enniful and has worked with many famous fashion houses.

Anya Hindmarsh, Caroline Rush, Adwoa Adwoa and Justine SimonsImage copyrightSHAUN JAMES COX
Image captionAdwoa was speaking at London Fashion Week which kicked off on Thursday

She is also an ambassador for the British Fashion Council (BFC) initiative Positive Fashion, which aims to improve working conditions within the industry.

Models, photographers and stylists have previously spoken to Newsbeat about being sexually harassed and bullied at work.

The BFC has set up a helpline for models to report abuse during fashion week.

It is also trialling private changing areas for models so they are not photographed while getting dressed.

Adwoa on the runway for R13 at New York Fashion Week in FebruaryImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionOn the runway for R13 at New York Fashion Week in February

Adwoa said she has not been the victim of abuse herself, but many young women and men at the start of their careers don’t have as much protection as she does.

“We must work tirelessly to ensure that we empower them to have a voice and not be scared,” she continued.

She said people at the top of the industry had allowed a “rampant abuse of power and fear” to silence those who are younger or less powerful.

Good News For WESTERN DIVISION Fijian Fashion Festival Model Call

Good News For WESTERN DIVISION Fijian Fashion Festival Model Call

It was a spectacular turnout for the Fijian Fashion Festival model call in the Western Division yesterday.

Fashion Council of Fiji chairperson Faraz Ali said: “What an incredible turnout for our first Western Model Casting!

“I believe this is the largest number to ever turnout in the west for a model call, and matches our record breaking Suva casting as well (where 110 potential models showed up).

“We are truly committed to bringing fashion to the people, and that’s why we called this Western casting.

“Anyone who hasn’t been selected has been offered the opportunity to be involved in other elements of the Festival to find where they fit in the fashion ecosystem.”

Under the umbrella of the council the Fijian  Fashion Festival is scheduled for June 1 and 2 at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

The Festival is committed to diversity in ethnicity, body shape, and gender expression.

“We are really pleased with the significant turnouts which have allowed us to select models who represent the fullness of Fiji,” Mr Ali said.

“We hope that the public will see themselves in these brave young people as they appear in our campaigns, and strut down our runway.

“Every model who goes through the Festival will leave better, stronger, more confident, and aware of their personal brand.

“Fiji has never had an event so heavily focused on personal development of youth before, and the Festival in partnership with the Fashion Council of Fiji looks forward to creating innovative, confident, and socially conscious future employees and employers. It’s all about holistic development,” Mr Ali said.

There were 68 potential models who showed up and 35 were chosen.

What to look out for at London Fashion Week

Fyodor Golan collection
The latest collection from womenswear brand Fyodor Golan debuted on Friday

It was good news for fans of catwalks and cocktail parties on Thursday evening as London Fashion Week got under way.

The event is held twice a year, in February and September, and is sandwiched between New York Fashion Week (which concluded on Wednesday), and Milan, which begins next week.

Designers’ collections remain a closely-guarded secret until they debut on the catwalk, but here are a few things to look out for over the weekend.

Plus-size campaigners
Hayley Hasselhoff (fourth from the left) led the protest on Friday

A group of plus-size models took to the streets of London on Friday morning to protest against the use of size zero models at fashion week.

They were led by David Hasselhoff’s daughter, 25-year-old Hayley – a vocal advocate for the plus-sized model industry.

Criticism of the use of slim models in fashion is nothing new, but the campaign to see larger body types represented has been gathering steam in recent years.

One designer who has actively started using plus-size models is Michael Kors, whose show in New York earlier this week starred Ashley Graham and Sabina Karlsson.

The body image debate isn’t the only controversy that regularly crops up at fashion weeks.

A Peta protestor
Campaigners for Peta protested at London Fashion Week on Friday

Anti-fur campaigners often protest outside fashion shows. Several turned up to Marc Jacobs’s show in New York on Wednesday with placards reading: “Animals are not ours to wear.”

Meanwhile, in London, campaigners for Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) went topless as part of a flash mob protest at one of fashion week’s flagship venues on the Strand on Friday.

Christopher Bailey’s last Burberry show

Christopher Bailey and a Burberry model
Christopher Bailey has been credited with helping turn the brand around

In October, Christopher Bailey announced he was leaving Burberry after 17 years.

The company’s chief creative officer has been credited with helping turn the brand around.

When he arrived in 2001, Burberry’s brand had become overexposed and associated with footballers and soap stars rather than high-end fashionistas.

Bailey helped change all that, helping the famous check print become more chic, cutting-edge and exclusive – drastically increasing the company’s share price in the process.

The new Burberry rainbow scarf next to the LGBT flag
The new Burberry scarf is inspired by the LGBT flag

All eyes will be on Burberry on Saturday evening as the company’s final collection under his tenure debuts.

The collection will be at least partly dedicated to LGBT communities – after the label unveiled a rainbow print earlier this week.

Rubbish and recycling


Silk-like material made from recycled plastic bottles

Two designers say they’re bringing a “political message” to the London event with clothes made from plastic bottles and sustainable wool.

Vin and Omi say it’s almost impossible for low-cost high street clothes to be ethical.

The pair make their own textiles and say they want people to think about the waste created by our clothes.

They aren’t the only designers who are keen to champion sustainability.

Richard Malone model
Richard Malone’s show was one of the first of the LFW schedule
Richard Malone collection for London Fashion Week
His show was inspired by the market stalls from his hometown of Wexford

One of the first shows in London was Irish designer Richard Malone, whose latest collection was inspired by the markets in his hometown of Wexford.

In a trade-like setting complete with rolled-up carpets, models were seen wearing clothes that looked like they could’ve been made made with materials gathered from colourful and varied fabric stalls (and even from discarded fruit nets).

Malone also uses recycled fabrics and still works with a community of weavers in southern India who he has partnered with since his first collection.

Homegrown talent

Molly Goddard
Molly Goddard’s designs helped her win the British emerging talent prize at the 2016 Fashion Awards

There are plenty of established designers and brands at London Fashion Week, but the industry will also be closely watching collections from some of fashion’s newer upcoming talents.

Sadie Williams, who was named one of Selfridges Bright Young Things in 2013, will show her latest collection on Saturday afternoon.

Molly Goddard, who won the British emerging talent prize at the 2016 Fashion Awards, will also be showcasing her latest collection on Saturday.

But it’s not all about clothes – as shoe designer Sophia Webster launches her latest collection on Monday.

Sophia Webster
Sophia Webster is known for her eye-catching footwear designs

London Fashion Week runs until Tuesday.

Michael Kors Collection

Pop hits of the past half-century formed a medley on the Michael Kors soundtrack—everything from Julie Andrews’s “My Favorite Things” to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” The lively sampling was the key to this collection. Kors called it a love letter to individual style.

Binx Walton, the beauty from Tennessee, opened in a floral dress, a tartan cape, and leopard-print boots—a mash-up that exemplified the playful formula here. The days of designer diktats are over (indeed, Kors hasn’t been the only designer to say so this season), so he did what any big-picture guy would do: He gave us a little bit of everything. There were grunge plaids and slip dresses, a “Jackie Onassis at Doubleday” camel leather trench, and boyish pairings of Argyle and plaid or Fair Isle and pajama silk. A Margot Tenenbaum tracksuit walked the runway and also appeared in the front row on a luminous Zendaya. No designer can be all things to all people, but Kors did his darndest here. For an industry veteran, he has a very 21st-century savvy about how the fans are the ones who are now in charge.

The two biggest bits of news were a collaboration with the illustrator David Downton that yielded a va-va-voom-y hourglass dress painted with women’s portraits, plus a range of leather totes to match, and Kors’s embrace of faux fur. This was a feel-good collection for more reasons than one. At a moment when the issue of casting often trumps clothes themselves, Kors’s show felt effortlessly inclusive in multiple ways. There were unknowns and there were runway vets, twiggy girls and curvy ones, male and female models from all over the globe. Kors sees beauty everywhere—a fitting message for Valentine’s Day.

Meghan Markle could get an allowance from the British royal family – but she may have to pay double the taxes

  • Meghan Markle will soon become a member of the British royal family, which commands a fortune over $500 million .
  • Markle will remain a US citizen for at least five years and will still have to pay taxes to the IRS on any income earned.
  • If Markle accepts an allowance or other form of “income” in the UK exceeding $104,100, she will have to pay US taxes on that money.

Meghan Markle will soon become the newest member of the British royal family, which commandsa fortune over $500 million . But romping in their riches may cost her extra.

Markle is a citizen of the United States and is purportedly living in the UK on a family visa ,according to the BBC . As the fiancee of a British citizen – Prince Harry – Markle will have to marry within six months of obtaining the visa to maintain her status.

Markle’s family visa will be effective in 2.5-year increments and she won’t be granted permanent residency until she’s lived in the UK for five years. After that, she can finally apply for UK citizenship and potentially become a dual citizen of the US and the UK.

All the while, the “Suits” actress will be paying taxes to the IRS on any income she makes – regardless of where she earns it.

“US citizens, green card holders, and permanent residents are required to file tax returns with the IRS every year no matter where they reside,” Avani Ramnani, director of financial planning and wealth management at Francis Financial , told Business Insider.

“This is a special tax return called the expatriate tax return ,” she said. “US citizens, including Meghan Markle, get taxed on international income earned outside the US.”

But Markle may qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion , Ramnani said, which in 2018 waives taxes on the first $104,100 of income earned in the residing country. But that doesn’t include income from investments.

Meghan Markle Prince HarryAP Photo/Matt DunhamPrince Harry receives an annual $450,000 allowance from Princess Diana’s estate.

Since the age of 21, Prince Harry and Prince William have been receiving a $450,000 a year investment profit from their late mother’s estate, which they pay taxes on to the UK government. They, and Kate Middleton, also receive an annual seven-figure allowance from their father, Prince Charles, which is used to cover expenses like travel and wardrobe.

“The key for Meghan and her advisors would be to figure out what type of income she will be getting,” Ramnani said. “Will this income be from the investments of a trust, or ‘wages’ for any work that she does, or any other type of income? Sometimes, getting one form of income is more advantageous than another.”

Markle may also qualify for a foreign tax credit , which allows tax on any income exceeding $104,100 to be reduced depending on the amount of taxes paid in the expat’s country of residence. But, Ramnani said, “this credit may not be dollar-for-dollar as there are a lot of factors that come into play.”

There’s another US tax provision called the foreign housing exclusion , which gives the taxpayer an additional deduction or credit for living expenses abroad. It does not include “expenses that are lavish or extravagant under the circumstances.”

Nottingham Cottage , the future homestead of Markle and Prince Harry, is located on the sprawling grounds of Kensington Palace, and would probably be considered lavish.

As the Washington Post first reported back in November, Markle could “cause tax headaches” and create some “mundane hurdles” for the royal family.

If she becomes a dual US/UK citizen, Markle will have to continue filing her taxes each year with the IRS. If she has more than $300,000 in assets at any point during the year, she will have to file a specific form that details foreign assets , which could include foreign trusts, subjecting the royal family “to outside scrutiny,” according to the Post.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding: Is the Suits star having two ceremonies this year?

Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, will be tying the knot on May 19 after announcing their engagement on November 27 last year.

Preparations are well underway, with a date set, a wedding venue booked and reports of wedding dress fittings

The day is expected to be one of the biggest events of the year, but one of the American actress’s co-stars on US legal drama Suits has just dropped a big wedding hint.

When Meghan walks down the aisle in May it could be her second wedding of the year.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry weddingGETTY

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding: Is the Suits star having two ceremonies this year?

When Meghan walks down the aisle in May it could be her second wedding of the year

The reason being is the first nuptials could be as Rachel Zane, her character on Suits.

Patrick J. Adams, who plays Rachel’s love interest, Mike Ross, on the show, recently announced he was departing Suits in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

As part of the reveal, Patrick discussed Mike and Rachel’s impending marriage and whether or not fans will get a wedding at the end of season seven.

Although he didn’t directly say there would be a wedding on the season finale, he did hint that fans tune in to see how Mike and Rachel’s story ends.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding: Is the Suits star having two ceremonies this year?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding: Is the Suits star having two ceremonies this year?GETTY

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be getting married in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle

He said: “I think Mike and Rachel are two characters that there has never been any question that they’re in love and that they’r meant for each other and that they’re willing to go to great lengths and sacrifice a ton in order to keep their relationship going.

“It just so happens that the timing of how I was feeling [about leaving Suits] and what was going on in Meghan’s life created an opportunity where there was no need to force some conflict or tear Mike and Rachel apart.

“It allowed us to go onto whatever happens next for Mike and Rachel together.”

It was confirmed that Meghan would be leaving Suits, which she has starred in since 2011, a day after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding: Is the Suits star having two ceremonies this year?GETTY

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Rachel Zane could also marry Mike Ross this year

But the show will continue on for an eighth season, without Patrick and Meghan.

Meghan and Harry’s wedding ceremony is taking place at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

And a florist has predicted Meghan’s wedding bouquet will most likely contain peonies.

Peonies are known to be Meghan’s favourite bloom, have they featured heavily on her deleted Instagram account.

Florist Anna-Liisa Evans added: “May is the prime season for peonies, and I would not be at all surprised if they feature heavily in the floral content.”