The coolest men’s fashion accessories for summer

Ebbets Fitted Seattle Cap for Glasswing, $45

Oyster Holdings Adidas 350, $130

Miansai Silver Hook Brown Leather Bracelet,$65 Stance Iron Maiden Socks, $18


Warby Parker Yates Sunglasses, starting at $145

Man does not live by jeans and shirts alone. It’s the little extras that set him apart.

Carefully chosen accessories complete a look, elevate your style and can serve a utilitarian purpose, too. These stylish extras complete your look and take your day (or night) wear to the next level.

Oyster Holdings Adidas 350 ($130 at Likelihood, Capitol Hill, and Add some punch to your basics with these luxe sneakers in orange nubuck leather. They manage to be both flashy and classy, with a gold-foil logo and a semi-translucent outsole. But step it up — they’re already selling out across the country.

Stance Iron Maiden Socks ($18 at MysteryMade, West Seattle, and Is he a rocker down to the tips of his toes? Run to the hills in these comfortable cushioned athletic socks from the California company’s Legends of Metal Collection, featuring Eddie art from Iron Maiden’s debut 1980 album.


Photos: Hats and dresses come out on Ladies Day at Epsom Derby

A racegoer blows at an insect perched on a woman’s hairdo during Ladies Day at The Investec Derby Festival.  (REUTERS / Peter Nicholls )

Jockey Frankie Dettori celebrates winning the Coronation Cup on Cracksman on Ladies Day at the 2018 Derby Festival at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Epsom, England.  (John Walton / PA via AP)

Jockey and former cyclist Victoria Pendleton during the Derby Festival. Women arrived at the Investec Derby Festival summer dresses and statement hats as per tradition.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

Guests were told to “dress to impress” by organisers in order to stand a chance to win the Style Award title and £5000. (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

A little racegoer gets a crash course at the Epsom Derby.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

Revellers were joined by the Duchess of Cambridge and her brother James Middleton alongside Spencer Matthews and his fiancée Vogue Williams as they cheered them on alongside the racehorses.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)


From the carnival atmosphere and picnics on the Hill, to top hat and tails in the Queen’s Stand and upbeat musical entertainment, topped off by a post DJ set on the Hyperion Lawn in the Duchess’s Stand, Investec Derby Day delivers a truly quintessentially British experience. (David Davies / PA via AP)

A racegoer adjusts her hat during derby day of the 2018 Investec Derby Festival, at Epsom Downs Racecourse, England. Saxon Warrior is the odds-on favourite to win the Derby.  (David Davies / PA via AP)

Ladies Day at Aintree may be about the dresses and the antics, but at Epsom it was all about the hats. (Andrew Boyers / Action Images via REUTERS)

Racing Day is one of the biggest days in the British summer calendar.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

Dressing for the weather, many opted for bright and vibrant colours with pink proving to be a popular pick.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

‘Toe shoes’ are back in fashion according to Vogue and we feel legitimately sick

'Toe shoes' are back in fashion according to Vogue and we feel legitimately sick


Bad jokes? Ginger beards? An overcooked steak?


Or do you think of the single worst, most offensive fashion faux pas to ever exist in the world ever – the toe shoe?

Or the foot glove? Depending on how you’re feeling.

If you’re pretty much entirely unfamiliar with the concept of the toe shoe, don’t worry because you’ll know exactly what they are (and how woeful they are) after you see this pic.



Fairly awful.

Anyway, it’s probably safe to go ahead and say that these debaucherous items were never in fashion.

Not in 2007. Not now. Not ever.

Except, apparently they are now because Vogue has said so and who’s ever going to argue with Vogue? 

The magazine’s creative director Jonathan Anderson posted a few snaps of the toe shoes on his Instagram recently, seemingly to refute the fact that Vogue had dubbed the shoes the most “hideous footwear of all time” previously.

And then, much to the shock of many, Vogue ran with the idea of the toe shoe themselves, suggesting that they might be the next Balenciaga product that people are willing to pay upwards of a grand for.

Surely not.

But still, stranger things have happened.

Fashion and sport sneakers’ clash

What do you get when luxury fashion meets sport? US$10,000 sneakers.

High-end brands such as Kering’s Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga are increasingly looking to sneakers for growth, putting them in direct competition with sportswear giants like Nike, Puma and adidas, and giving rise to ever-more striking and expensive designs. Luxury groups say they are now increasing investments and marketing budgets to face down their new opponents.

“When I saw sneakers were going to be a thing, I fought it for a bit,” Salvatore Ferragamo’s designer Paul Andrew said.

“We’re definitely now investing heavily in that category, getting in very specialized people.”


Alexander McQueen

Global sales of sneakers, or trainers, rose 10 percent to 3.5 billion euros (US$4.1b) last year, outperforming a 7 percent rise in handbags, according to consultancy Bain & Co.

“It’s not really even a trend anymore, it’s become a category,” said Bruce Pask, Men’s Fashion Director at US department store Neiman Marcus.

Both luxury groups and sports companies are looking to cash in on a booming market. Premium sneakers can start at around US$400 but can easily rise as high as US$3,000, for a pair of Christian Louboutin’s leather, crystal-embellished sneakers.

Limited editions can sell for well over US$10,000, including the Chanel X Pharrell Hu Race Trail or Nike’s Air Jordan 3 Retro DJ Khaled Grateful. Sneakers are a big driver of the luxury shoe business, which accountancy firm EY says is the fashion industry’s fastest-growing area.


Dolce & Gabbana

The rise of luxury sneakers is part of the growing influence of casual and streetwear in high-end fashion, where it is now acceptable to team sneakers with a tailored suit.

Upmarket brands are tapping into street style to refresh their looks and young buyers are driving the shift.

“Millennials” — born between the early 1980s and mid-90s — already represent a third of the luxury market, according to Bain.

Several luxury group executives recently noted the importance of sneakers for their business and the need to step up their game and face the rising competition.

Emilio Macellari, finance chief of Italian luxury goods company Tod’s — a pioneer in the sector, having launched its first Hogan luxury sneaker in 1986 — said, “there is no brand that is not currently considering its (sneaker) offer.”

Pointing out how times are changing, he said luxury brands were now “under attack” from sportswear companies, on top of the usual competition from their luxury peers.

But so-called “sneakerization” could steal market share from more traditional and formal-looking footwear, industry operators say.

“After many seasons of comfortable shoes, it will be hard to bring women back on heels,” said Federica Montelli, head of fashion at Milan’s renowned la Rinascente department store.



Blue snake and profit margins

In central Milan a pair of Nike’s black leather, ankle-high Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium sneakers sell for over 400 euros. Only steps away, in one of the city’s most exclusive shopping areas, clients buy a pair of Gucci’s ACE made with the GG logo canvas, with a blue snake-leather detail for 450 euros.

“What has changed is competition, with a clear overlap,” said Claudia D’Arpizio, partner at Bain & Co. “Luxury consumers are buying Nike and adidas and vice-versa.”

Ilaria, a young saleswoman in Milan streetwear shop One Block Down, said that many customers walk in carrying shopping bags from the nearby luxury boutiques.



Sports groups say they are not worried by the competition.

“If (luxury groups) go the sports way, it is only positive,” said Puma Chief Executive Bjorn Gulden said. “If that is a trend that pulls the sneaker market up, we can only be happy.”

Analysts also say the intensifying competition is unlikely to erode profit margins because the market is expanding.

“There is large space for prices moving up,” said Erwan Rambourg from HSBC. “The ‘luxurization’ of sneakers could possibly impact margins positively.”

Toe Shoes, the Most Hideous Footwear of All, Are Making an Actual Comeback

Is Jonathan Anderson as obsessed with the gangly oddities of feet as much as I am? It seems so. A few days ago, he posted a print from his JW Anderson men’s Fall 2018 collection that showed a cartoon man’s tongue slobbering on a whiskered pinkie toe. Soon after, he followed up with a wiggly preview of what to expect from the Loewe Resort 2019 collection: He posted a pair of cheerful needlepoint slippers depicting naked toes—toe rings and snazzy French pedicures included!—and a jet-black, hardened gladiator sandal with sculpted—and also bejeweled—Roman statue feet.

Anderson’s foray into the realm of human hooves doesn’t come as a complete surprise. In fact, there was a phalangeal shake-up in the footwear world just a few months ago. It started slowly with a single digit playing peekaboo here and there, like at Y/Project Spring 2018, which featured shocking highlighter-yellow and dainty rose-printed mules that showcased the big toe. Then the complete opposite structure appeared at Céline Pre-Fall 2017, where the big toe was hidden by a cap on a sandal that showed off its four scrunched siblings. Of course, the thong heel—a practical pedestal for splayed toes—came back with a vengeance thanks to Kim Kardashian West, who recently took a pair out for a spin. Meanwhile, Rebel Royale, the creator behind the bringer-of-bad-shoes Instagram account@crimesagainstshoemanity, created a cheap mock-up of a “high fashion” toe shoe—an actual rubbery toe shoe with “Balenciaga” printed on its side. The foot-filled feed gave way to the phenomenon that my colleagues and I have branded “The Year of the Toe.”

Of course, toe shoes have been rearing their unsexy and fascinating heads for quite some time. On the casual end of the spectrum, Vibram is known for its webby digit-defining shoes—one for every on-the-go lifestyle and sport. And then, there are the runway incarnations of toe shoes, too, like Céline’s frightening trompe l’oeil toe-polish pumps from Spring 2013. More recently, MM6 Maison Margiela released a mule that separates each toe. It’s like the freaky OCD cousin of the Margiela Tabi shoe.


MM6 Margiela Slip-On Toe Mules

Photo: Courtesy of FarFetch

But Loewe’s toe shoes have a more down-to-earth appeal, a perfect mix of gift shop cheek and meticulous craftsmanship. Similar humorous examples have appeared on @crimesagainstshoemanity. Here, in this deliciously grotesque trove of heinous footwear, there are slideshows dedicated to shoes with crude, painted-on bare feet, complete with anklets and yes, toe rings. (Run, don’t walk: Some of those very pieces are currently available for purchase on Etsy. For Royale, today’s toe shoe moment is a natural progression. “It’s not the first time for a label to make such an emphasis of the toenail, as I feel like [I] need to mention the Céline red-painted toenail heels. But for me the biggest crime with those was that they only came in one skin tone,” she writes in an email. “The Loewe has the upper hand, or foot, on that one.”

10 beauty tips to treat acne breakouts in summer

Do not squeeze your pimples. This usually leads to further inflammation, which makes the acne look worse and last longer.

While cosmetics can cover up some facial flaws, it is tough to completely hide acne. Summer skin is prone to infections as dust, oil, heat and humidity tend to stick to your face resulting in acne, so make sure you are paying attention to it. Cosmetologist and homeopath physician Karuna Malhotra from Cosmetic Skin and Homeo Clinic and make-up artist Tullika Pandey list ways to prevent acne in summer:

* Wash your face only once or twice a day with lukewarm water, a mild cleanser, and gentle motion — no scrubbing or harsh abrasive products needed. Make sure one of those times you’re washing your face is in the evening, to remove make-up and dirt

* Do not squeeze your pimples. This usually leads to further inflammation, which makes the acne look worse and last longer. Also, this will leave a bad pigmented scar.

Avoid eating oily foods like chips and French fries as they contain saturated oils that increase cholesterol in the body. (Shutterstock)

* Avoid processed foods, generally high in saturated fats and transfats. It can lead to an increase in sebum production triggering acne.

* Also avoid oily foods like chips, French fries, pakodas, and aloo tikkis which taste good but contain saturated oils that increase cholesterol in the body, which leads to poor blood circulation and can worsen your acne.

* Fibre plays an important role in getting rid of body toxins. Eat cereals and fibre rich food and fruits such as blueberries and grapefruit to detoxify your body and clear your skin.

Don’t cover your face with layers of concealer. Instead, use complementary colours to blend in the blemishes. (Shutterstock)

* Include Vitamin A in your diet as it is a good source of carotenoids. Carrots, papaya, spinach, and tomato juice are a rich source of it.

* Stop use of foundation for a week. It can clear up acne breakouts, and stop rashes caused by irritating ingredients.

* Do not use make-up on acne skin, and if needed use non-comedogenic and non-irritating products.

* Don’t cover your face with layers of concealer. Instead, use complementary colours to blend in the blemishes.

Ladies, rock the floral print trend by following these easy tips

Floral prints are perfect for summers.

With the mercury level rising day-by-day, it gets little tough to keep your fashion goals intact. However the floral fabrics can add glamour to your look if opted wisely. Sandeep Sharma, Director, suggests some tips:

* Landscaped floral mughal motifs on cotton and chanderi silk: Perfectly landscaped Mughal twigs, buds, leaves, flowers and bouquets on cotton and chanderi silk fabrics look exquisite. Ankle-length mughal cotton maxi dresses for instance, are a perfect fusion of ethnicity and modern style.

* Abstract florals and vines on rayon: The flow-y rayon fabric screen-printed with abstract floral designs like blooming flowers, sun-like buds, creepers, paper-cut flowers, and painted roses in bright colours can be shaped into knee-length skater dresses, long ankle-length dresses, straight kurtas and palazzos, crop tops and skirts, for a contemporary take on florals.

* Pastel contemporary florals on crepe and chiffon: Digital prints done in a contemporary colour palette on fabrics like chiffon and crepe are the best fit for summer wears. Floral designs reflecting the real-life flora, painted in abstract dual-tones look refreshing yet chic on a bright sunny day.

* Muted minimal floral prints on muslin: Muted Coral floral designs on a loosely plain-woven fabric like Muslin, which comes with good durability, has a soft texture with a subtle shine. Perfect for causal evening outings, hand-block Mughal motifs or contemporary flowers in pastel colours spread out a sophisticated vibe.

Sulagna Kapoor, co-founder of Pursu also shares a few tips:

*Once an individual feels confident with the flower power, it is time to try pairing floral prints with each other to give that vibrant yet subtle look. Pair it with a nice floral print handbag to add on to your look.

* Summer is a perfect time to carry pastel shades. Pastels are soothing to the eyes and have an inherent quality to make you look cool. To spike up the over all look, a trendy printed handbag is a must addition.

* Dainty and bold floral prints should be properly paired with each other to reveal the best possible combination. For a summer party, pair your solid coluor dress with a floral patterned clutch or handbag.

* Accessories like flower-inspired jewellery paired with a multicoloured floral print handbag and coordinated footwear are all that an individual should flaunt, during any summer event.

* Subtle floral print handbags can be combined with white / off-white dresses, to make a style statement.

* Denims with gingham or solid shirts are an all time hit. Add a printed handbag to complete the look this summer.