Having a bad sense of fashion

ugly fashion

Rutendo Chidawanyika

I THINK people with a bad sense of style don’t know that they do not dress well. The reason being if they knew they would dress better. Or they do know but they couldn’t be bothered about what people think. Most of the time, you will always tell when you try on an unflattering outfit. You may not even know what is exactly wrong but your instincts will tell you that something is not right, which is why it is good to ask the opinion of those close to you. Your wardrobe speaks a million words about your clothing style. Look at it and examine your clothing collection. Is it appealing to you? Does it include the latest designs and trends? Would you be comfortable to show your wardrobe to a designer or a stylist or even your friends?

If you are not happy with your style or people around you always make comments about how you could have dressed a certain way, maybe your style is bad. A week ago Twitter went crazy over what Lady Zamar was wearing, crazy in a not so good way.

She was wearing an orange dress which looked like a curtain, it did not flatter her at all but she seemed happy. We concluded it a case of bad fashion sense. Lady Zamar could use the help of a stylist.

When you go shopping, how do you select your outfits? Are you organised? Are you indecisive and unaware of what you are looking for? Well, if you realise you are unable to select the right outfit for yourself, it probably means you do not know what you are looking for. Even though you can buy clothes on impulse, they should always fall under your type of style and be trendy. Adopt the right shopping traits and always buy what you need. If you do not clearly know the kind of clothes you are looking for, you will always waste money of garments that don’t suit you and end up giving them away. Image is everything, in order for people to take you seriously you need to dress well, especially if you are in/or interested in the fashion industry.

Take your time and select the right outfits reflecting the latest fashion trends.

Not having enough accessories does in a way mean that your dressing sense is not that great. A dress without proper accessories may not at all be appealing. So if your collection of accessories such as sandals, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, scarfs and handbags is pretty much non-existent, it does mean that your style is dry and needs a bit of help.


No, this is not about body-shaming. If you’ve got it, flaunt it — but there are ways to do it so that it looks sexy and sensual, and not cheap. First, pick only one body part to show. If you have a low-cut dress, then keep the hem longer. If you are doing a short top, don’t show the belly button and pair it with long pants or a cool jacket. Be mindful of highlighting your best features. A lot of designers are doing cutouts with sheer panels now. That is a really elegant, classy way to do it. There is still skin but there is still coverage. A sheer sleeve is still sexy but gives coverage.

The quickest way to age you is to wear something out of date, unless it is a timeless classic silhouette. Looking modern is more important than looking trendy. This holds especially true for men who hold onto their suits for decades. Suit jackets have become more tailored. You should be able to fit only one fist in between your chest and the lapels when the jacket is buttoned. If there is more room, it’s probably too big and an older style.

Update your closet every few seasons. If you are into vintage clothing, most look better when mixed with modern pieces.
If you think your fashion sense can be improved or you want to help a friend improve their sense; follow these tips.

BE CONFIDENT: Wear your clothes; don’t let your clothes wear you! Style is meant to empower you. It’s not supposed to make you self-conscious. Don’t feel obligated to stay in your comfort-zone. Also know that one bad day of fashion won’t taint you for life. JUST ONE BAD DAY.

USE ACCESSORIES: Jewellery and other accessories can change an outfit from being flat to fab in a minute. Do not over-accessorise. Take everything in moderation when first trying out new techniques for your outfit.

CO-ORDINATE YOUR OUTFITS WELL: You can have a lot of nice single pieces of clothing, but it’s not going to dazzle anyone unless you know how to put them together. Learn what colours work well together. Take a look at a colour wheel and study what colours complement each other. Know when to rock heels and when to go for sneakers.

CONSIDER YOUR COLOURS: Everyone has their colours that they feel comfortable in. If you find something that falls outside of your colour palette, think hard about it. Especially try on the clothes that fit outside your colour comfort. There’s no reason not to buy something if it looks good, or fits into the style you’re going for.

DO NOT GO SHOPPING ALONE: Pick someone to come along with you who either dresses well or play devil’s advocate to your style. Having a pal around can help you sift through clothes faster and more efficiently. It helps to have someone whose opinion you trust about certain clothes you aren’t sure about.

DON’T BLOW YOUR BUDGET: Upgrading your wardrobe can be an expensive endeavour. If you have a smaller budget, consider buying in small increments and don’t feel obliged to update everything you own. Create a budget of how much you’ll allow yourself to spend before going shopping.

BE AWARE OF LABELS AND BRANDS: You don’t need to exclusively shop by brand. The most important rule of having style is to not be defined by labels. You don’t need to wear Gucci or Jimmy Choo to be a stylish person. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: You don’t need to flip through fashion magazines to become inspired. You can find styles everywhere you look. Re-watch your favourite movie and notice what types of clothes they’re wearing. There must be someone in your life or celebrity whose style inspires you. Look at their style a take down notes.


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