Top 10 Haircuts and Colors Right Now

<p>Current Hair Trends</p>
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Did you procrastinate on the whole “new year, new hair” movement back in January? Great news—we did, too. Luckily, the past few awards show-filled months have offered up no shortage of inspiration ripe for your next salon visit. From Kim Kardashian’s bright platinum, to Ruby Rose’s long pixie, scroll down to see the 10 hottest haircut and color looks we’re loving right now.

<p>The Tousled Lob</p>

The Tousled Lob

Let it be known—the lob is going absolutely nowhere. Grazing the clavicle, it’s one of the most flattering hair lengths of all time, and the first (and easiest) step in going short. While sleek, blunt styles are finally getting their playtime, the tousled lob of undone waves and loose curls is one look that stands the test of time. Parting your hair on the side, like Margot Robbie did, gives it a completely different vibe.

<p>The Long Pixie</p>

The Long Pixie

In the beginning of 2017, it seemed like every single celebrity was shaving their head, debuting edgy buzz cuts, or just chopping off their strands for a super short pixie. But what a difference a year makes, especially when it comes to how hair grows. Expect to see pixie cuts with more length or layers on top—think Ruby Rose or Katy Perry—which lend themselves well to a variety of different styles.

<p>Platinum Blonde</p>

Platinum Blonde

The saying goes, “blonde hair, don’t care,” but actually, you kind of have to care a lot. This is a high-maintenance hairstyle. To give you some perspective, it famously took Kim Kardashian 17 hours (!!!) to go fully blonde. And that isn’t including the 13 hours it takes her to touch-up the roots. Still, the hard work isn’t stopping anyone from adopting the icy hue. Case in point: Her mom, Kris Jenner, is now a blonde, too.

<p>Curtain Bangs</p>

Curtain Bangs

Social media can tell you when a trend is about to explode—that’s how we learned how popular curtain bangs have become in the last year. According to Pinterest data, this feathered, ’70s fringe style, which features longer bangs being separated in the center and slightly flipped, has increased by 600 percent in search. For inspiration, look at Kristen Dunst, Georgia May Jagger, and even J.Lo.

<p>Bangs and Bobs</p>

Bangs and Bobs

Adding fringe to chin-length styles is one way to give your bob a new vibe for 2018. Look to celebrities like Nina Dobrev and opt for a set of bangs that hit right above your brows, allowing you to sweep them to the side, where them blunt, or curtain them open. Your saving grace? Dry shampoo. It’ll soak up any oils and give them a little grit for styling.

<p>Subtle Caramel Highlights</p>

Subtle Caramel Highlights

Long gone are the days of extreme gradients of balayage. Natural-looking caramel ribbon highlights and babylights placed gently around the face (and where the sun naturally hits) are trending hard. Take this picture of Kerry Washington to your salon as an example.

<p>Cher Hair</p>

According to celebrity stylist Bridget Brager, super long hair, reminiscent of Cher’s gorgeous locks, will continue to reign in 2018. “I think people really want their hair long and beautiful. I know a lot of my clients do,” she told us. Current adopters? Khloe Kardashian and Demi Lovato.

<p>Center Parts</p>

Center Parts

It’s not necessarily a haircut, but it’s proof that you don’t have to lose inches to completely transform your hairstyle or update it for the new year. It’s ultra-flattering and demands attention, no matter what your length or texture.

<p>Auburn Tints</p>

Auburn Tints

If you’re not quite ready to be a redhead, ease into the territory with warm auburn highlights or a full color like Olivia Palermo. The rich hue couldn’t be more seasonally appropriate.

<p>Face-Framing Angles</p>

Face-Framing Angles

If you’re scared that face-framing angles will make you look like Rachel from Friends, it’s time to put that ’90s fear to rest. While we loved the haircut then, it needed a modern makeover. Go for a very fine and delicate gradient in length like Meghan Markle—you should still be able to pull all your hair up in a pony.


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