The coolest men’s fashion accessories for summer

Ebbets Fitted Seattle Cap for Glasswing, $45

Oyster Holdings Adidas 350, $130

Miansai Silver Hook Brown Leather Bracelet,$65 Stance Iron Maiden Socks, $18


Warby Parker Yates Sunglasses, starting at $145

Man does not live by jeans and shirts alone. It’s the little extras that set him apart.

Carefully chosen accessories complete a look, elevate your style and can serve a utilitarian purpose, too. These stylish extras complete your look and take your day (or night) wear to the next level.

Oyster Holdings Adidas 350 ($130 at Likelihood, Capitol Hill, and Add some punch to your basics with these luxe sneakers in orange nubuck leather. They manage to be both flashy and classy, with a gold-foil logo and a semi-translucent outsole. But step it up — they’re already selling out across the country.

Stance Iron Maiden Socks ($18 at MysteryMade, West Seattle, and Is he a rocker down to the tips of his toes? Run to the hills in these comfortable cushioned athletic socks from the California company’s Legends of Metal Collection, featuring Eddie art from Iron Maiden’s debut 1980 album.

Photos: Hats and dresses come out on Ladies Day at Epsom Derby

A racegoer blows at an insect perched on a woman’s hairdo during Ladies Day at The Investec Derby Festival.  (REUTERS / Peter Nicholls )

Jockey Frankie Dettori celebrates winning the Coronation Cup on Cracksman on Ladies Day at the 2018 Derby Festival at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Epsom, England.  (John Walton / PA via AP)

Jockey and former cyclist Victoria Pendleton during the Derby Festival. Women arrived at the Investec Derby Festival summer dresses and statement hats as per tradition.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

Guests were told to “dress to impress” by organisers in order to stand a chance to win the Style Award title and £5000. (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

A little racegoer gets a crash course at the Epsom Derby.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

Revellers were joined by the Duchess of Cambridge and her brother James Middleton alongside Spencer Matthews and his fiancée Vogue Williams as they cheered them on alongside the racehorses.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)


From the carnival atmosphere and picnics on the Hill, to top hat and tails in the Queen’s Stand and upbeat musical entertainment, topped off by a post DJ set on the Hyperion Lawn in the Duchess’s Stand, Investec Derby Day delivers a truly quintessentially British experience. (David Davies / PA via AP)

A racegoer adjusts her hat during derby day of the 2018 Investec Derby Festival, at Epsom Downs Racecourse, England. Saxon Warrior is the odds-on favourite to win the Derby.  (David Davies / PA via AP)

Ladies Day at Aintree may be about the dresses and the antics, but at Epsom it was all about the hats. (Andrew Boyers / Action Images via REUTERS)

Racing Day is one of the biggest days in the British summer calendar.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)

Dressing for the weather, many opted for bright and vibrant colours with pink proving to be a popular pick.  (Peter Nicholls / REUTERS)


Colour Blocking

Bold colours are high on the risk list for many men, which makes the colour blocking trend feel particularly daunting. Colour blocking uses two or more solid segments of colour in a single outfit in a mix of warm, cool, or complementary tones.

Here is where the colour wheel from art class comes in handy.One approach to colour blocking blends shades from either a warm or cool palette, and anchors them with neutral tones. A second approach uses complementary/contrasting colours – opposites on the colour wheel – to give an outfit a bright but harmonious look.

Don’t be afraid to pair clashing colours, but mix no more than 3 or 4 in one ensemble.

White Suit

Believe it or not, you can rock a white suit without looking like Colonel Sanders, John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, or anyone on the set of Miami Vice. It’s a dandified, devilishly stylish look that’s criminally underused.

Think of it as the summer equivalent of your grey and navy suits – a neutral that’s seasonally-appropriate and versatile. As per usual, the suit must be well-fitted first and foremost.

Then you’re free to experiment – team it with a tee for a dressed-down occasion, wear it with a gingham shirt for a more formal event, and separate the jacket and trousers for even more sartorial possibilities.

Two-Tone Shoes

+8 Photos

Two-tone shoes are a smart choice when you want to take a simple look to the next level with minimal effort. The most famous two-tone shoe is the spectator, allegedly first designed by legendary English footwear maker John Lobb.

Wearing a two-toned shoe adds a distinctly retro feel to a modern outfit, so avoid anything else with a vintage look unless you’re deliberately trying to create a costume. Otherwise, the footwear world is your oyster and you can be as audacious or as safe as you want to be in your colour choices. Consider mixing materials while you’re at it.

Colourful Socks

Socks are one of the smallest garments that can have a big impact on an outfit. They’re also one of the most inexpensive ways to rev up your getup. Block colours are the easiest place to start. Try to pick out accent colours in your look and contrast or complement your socks accordingly.

For slightly more advanced levels of sockery, try rocking a pair with a print or pattern. The sky’s nearly the limit, just don’t match a pattern that’s already in the rest of your look. If you’re wearing an argyle cardigan, save the argyle socks for another day.

Wearing Your Watch On The Outside Of Your Cuff

We can practically hear your confused cries of “Huh?” through the screen, but hear us out. On one hand, wearing a watch on the outside of your cuff looks innovative and unique – the perfect expression of sprezzatura. But on the other hand, it’s simply a practical move.

If your watch is on the outside, you don’t have to worry about it being too big to fit underneath and you don’t have to peel away your clothing in order to tell the time. Besides, why hide your carefully chosen timepiece beneath layers of fabric when you could show your good taste off?

Gilet Under Your Suit Blazer

During the cooler months, layering is the name of the game. The shirt-jumper-jacket look is most men’s go-to, but for the guy who’s looking for something a little more unusual, there’s another option: the gilet. The gilet can be worn as an outer layer, but it’s equally interesting (if not more so) as a mid-layer.

Look for one that’s fitted and not too puffy, then pop it between your shirt and your suit blazer for a new twist on office attire. Just remember to take it off when you get indoors. If you need more help check out our guide on how to wear the gilet with a blazer.

The Document Satchel (AKA Man Purse)

Your father carted around a bulky black briefcase. In your university days, you carried a nylon laptop bag (or maybe a messenger bag, if you were an especially stylish student). Neither of those will do now. Every man needs a reliable and sophisticated work bag. Throwing a backpack over your suit simply won’t do, nor will stuffing important papers into your pockets.

The answer is a document satchel, which is both functional and a stylish way of maintaining your professional image. If anyone dares call it a purse, tell them you can’t hear them over the sound of your corner office.

Wearing A Hat

The classic fedora hat catches a lot of flak these days, but well-dressed gents aren’t afraid to rock a hat no matter what the Internet says. First, familiarise yourself with the many hat styles available to you. If you think headgear begins and ends with the fedora, you have much to learn. Then figure out what works with your facial features and your hairstyle.

A hat is an adventurous, original accent – but remember that the hat doesn’t make the outfit, the hat completes the outfit. If the hat is wearing you, something needs to change.

Fashion lovers, these 5 beauty brands are sustainable and eco-friendly

Scroll through for the top 5 brands making strides in the sustainable beauty department.

Considering the number of beauty products one uses daily, it is important for the beauty industry to think about the environment. Brands could work on recyclable packaging, use solar energy or natural and biodegradable ingredients to reduce the pollution in the environment, and much more. Below are top 5 brands making strides in the sustainable beauty department:

Oriflame: Oriflame has always been working to become a fully sustainable company by living within the limits of the planet, respecting the environment and contributing to a fair society where everyone can prosper. Its ‘Love Nature’ range celebrates all those magical and bountiful gifts that mankind is blessed with. While formulating the products of this range, it uses natural ingredients that are in accordance with its strong environmental policies. These products only uses biodegradable, natural-origin beads in all exfoliating products to avoid water pollution.

Forest Essential: It is an authentic and a traditional Ayurveda Brand. It has become the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand where secrets of ancient beauty rituals for skin and hair care have been brought to life through researches and made available to modern-day customers. It has controlled manufacturing which ensures delivering a sophisticated product that is conscientious about the environment. It constantly looks at different ways to reduce carbon footprint and focus on using renewable plant sources in the products.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic: It is the largest Aromatherapy brand in India. With 170 products including essential oils, curative oils, hair care and skin care, it has created a niche in the industry. It ensures that all the products are free of artificial ingredients- synthetic colours, petrochemicals, parabens, alcohol, harsh chemicals, phthalates, mineral oils, and animal testing. It adheres to environmental friendly techniques and uses recyclable packaging.

Biotique: With the passion or quality and sustainability, the brand promises naturally-derived Ayurvedic beauty, advanced by scientific expertise. Its products are natural with preservatives and chemical free ingredients- cultivated, gathered, blended and manufactured in the natural environment of the Himalayas. None of the products are tested on animals.

Body Shop: The brand is known for the commitment ‘enrich people as well as the planet’. It does not support animal testing and also uses sustainable packaging that reduces the impact on the environment by consuming fewer resources during production and increasing recyclability. It is committed to enriching people as well as the planet, its biodiversity and resources.

‘Toe shoes’ are back in fashion according to Vogue and we feel legitimately sick

'Toe shoes' are back in fashion according to Vogue and we feel legitimately sick


Bad jokes? Ginger beards? An overcooked steak?


Or do you think of the single worst, most offensive fashion faux pas to ever exist in the world ever – the toe shoe?

Or the foot glove? Depending on how you’re feeling.

If you’re pretty much entirely unfamiliar with the concept of the toe shoe, don’t worry because you’ll know exactly what they are (and how woeful they are) after you see this pic.



Fairly awful.

Anyway, it’s probably safe to go ahead and say that these debaucherous items were never in fashion.

Not in 2007. Not now. Not ever.

Except, apparently they are now because Vogue has said so and who’s ever going to argue with Vogue? 

The magazine’s creative director Jonathan Anderson posted a few snaps of the toe shoes on his Instagram recently, seemingly to refute the fact that Vogue had dubbed the shoes the most “hideous footwear of all time” previously.

And then, much to the shock of many, Vogue ran with the idea of the toe shoe themselves, suggesting that they might be the next Balenciaga product that people are willing to pay upwards of a grand for.

Surely not.

But still, stranger things have happened.

Having a bad sense of fashion

ugly fashion

Rutendo Chidawanyika

I THINK people with a bad sense of style don’t know that they do not dress well. The reason being if they knew they would dress better. Or they do know but they couldn’t be bothered about what people think. Most of the time, you will always tell when you try on an unflattering outfit. You may not even know what is exactly wrong but your instincts will tell you that something is not right, which is why it is good to ask the opinion of those close to you. Your wardrobe speaks a million words about your clothing style. Look at it and examine your clothing collection. Is it appealing to you? Does it include the latest designs and trends? Would you be comfortable to show your wardrobe to a designer or a stylist or even your friends?

If you are not happy with your style or people around you always make comments about how you could have dressed a certain way, maybe your style is bad. A week ago Twitter went crazy over what Lady Zamar was wearing, crazy in a not so good way.

She was wearing an orange dress which looked like a curtain, it did not flatter her at all but she seemed happy. We concluded it a case of bad fashion sense. Lady Zamar could use the help of a stylist.

When you go shopping, how do you select your outfits? Are you organised? Are you indecisive and unaware of what you are looking for? Well, if you realise you are unable to select the right outfit for yourself, it probably means you do not know what you are looking for. Even though you can buy clothes on impulse, they should always fall under your type of style and be trendy. Adopt the right shopping traits and always buy what you need. If you do not clearly know the kind of clothes you are looking for, you will always waste money of garments that don’t suit you and end up giving them away. Image is everything, in order for people to take you seriously you need to dress well, especially if you are in/or interested in the fashion industry.

Take your time and select the right outfits reflecting the latest fashion trends.

Not having enough accessories does in a way mean that your dressing sense is not that great. A dress without proper accessories may not at all be appealing. So if your collection of accessories such as sandals, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, scarfs and handbags is pretty much non-existent, it does mean that your style is dry and needs a bit of help.


No, this is not about body-shaming. If you’ve got it, flaunt it — but there are ways to do it so that it looks sexy and sensual, and not cheap. First, pick only one body part to show. If you have a low-cut dress, then keep the hem longer. If you are doing a short top, don’t show the belly button and pair it with long pants or a cool jacket. Be mindful of highlighting your best features. A lot of designers are doing cutouts with sheer panels now. That is a really elegant, classy way to do it. There is still skin but there is still coverage. A sheer sleeve is still sexy but gives coverage.

The quickest way to age you is to wear something out of date, unless it is a timeless classic silhouette. Looking modern is more important than looking trendy. This holds especially true for men who hold onto their suits for decades. Suit jackets have become more tailored. You should be able to fit only one fist in between your chest and the lapels when the jacket is buttoned. If there is more room, it’s probably too big and an older style.

Update your closet every few seasons. If you are into vintage clothing, most look better when mixed with modern pieces.
If you think your fashion sense can be improved or you want to help a friend improve their sense; follow these tips.

BE CONFIDENT: Wear your clothes; don’t let your clothes wear you! Style is meant to empower you. It’s not supposed to make you self-conscious. Don’t feel obligated to stay in your comfort-zone. Also know that one bad day of fashion won’t taint you for life. JUST ONE BAD DAY.

USE ACCESSORIES: Jewellery and other accessories can change an outfit from being flat to fab in a minute. Do not over-accessorise. Take everything in moderation when first trying out new techniques for your outfit.

CO-ORDINATE YOUR OUTFITS WELL: You can have a lot of nice single pieces of clothing, but it’s not going to dazzle anyone unless you know how to put them together. Learn what colours work well together. Take a look at a colour wheel and study what colours complement each other. Know when to rock heels and when to go for sneakers.

CONSIDER YOUR COLOURS: Everyone has their colours that they feel comfortable in. If you find something that falls outside of your colour palette, think hard about it. Especially try on the clothes that fit outside your colour comfort. There’s no reason not to buy something if it looks good, or fits into the style you’re going for.

DO NOT GO SHOPPING ALONE: Pick someone to come along with you who either dresses well or play devil’s advocate to your style. Having a pal around can help you sift through clothes faster and more efficiently. It helps to have someone whose opinion you trust about certain clothes you aren’t sure about.

DON’T BLOW YOUR BUDGET: Upgrading your wardrobe can be an expensive endeavour. If you have a smaller budget, consider buying in small increments and don’t feel obliged to update everything you own. Create a budget of how much you’ll allow yourself to spend before going shopping.

BE AWARE OF LABELS AND BRANDS: You don’t need to exclusively shop by brand. The most important rule of having style is to not be defined by labels. You don’t need to wear Gucci or Jimmy Choo to be a stylish person. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: You don’t need to flip through fashion magazines to become inspired. You can find styles everywhere you look. Re-watch your favourite movie and notice what types of clothes they’re wearing. There must be someone in your life or celebrity whose style inspires you. Look at their style a take down notes.

Fashion and sport sneakers’ clash

What do you get when luxury fashion meets sport? US$10,000 sneakers.

High-end brands such as Kering’s Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga are increasingly looking to sneakers for growth, putting them in direct competition with sportswear giants like Nike, Puma and adidas, and giving rise to ever-more striking and expensive designs. Luxury groups say they are now increasing investments and marketing budgets to face down their new opponents.

“When I saw sneakers were going to be a thing, I fought it for a bit,” Salvatore Ferragamo’s designer Paul Andrew said.

“We’re definitely now investing heavily in that category, getting in very specialized people.”


Alexander McQueen

Global sales of sneakers, or trainers, rose 10 percent to 3.5 billion euros (US$4.1b) last year, outperforming a 7 percent rise in handbags, according to consultancy Bain & Co.

“It’s not really even a trend anymore, it’s become a category,” said Bruce Pask, Men’s Fashion Director at US department store Neiman Marcus.

Both luxury groups and sports companies are looking to cash in on a booming market. Premium sneakers can start at around US$400 but can easily rise as high as US$3,000, for a pair of Christian Louboutin’s leather, crystal-embellished sneakers.

Limited editions can sell for well over US$10,000, including the Chanel X Pharrell Hu Race Trail or Nike’s Air Jordan 3 Retro DJ Khaled Grateful. Sneakers are a big driver of the luxury shoe business, which accountancy firm EY says is the fashion industry’s fastest-growing area.


Dolce & Gabbana

The rise of luxury sneakers is part of the growing influence of casual and streetwear in high-end fashion, where it is now acceptable to team sneakers with a tailored suit.

Upmarket brands are tapping into street style to refresh their looks and young buyers are driving the shift.

“Millennials” — born between the early 1980s and mid-90s — already represent a third of the luxury market, according to Bain.

Several luxury group executives recently noted the importance of sneakers for their business and the need to step up their game and face the rising competition.

Emilio Macellari, finance chief of Italian luxury goods company Tod’s — a pioneer in the sector, having launched its first Hogan luxury sneaker in 1986 — said, “there is no brand that is not currently considering its (sneaker) offer.”

Pointing out how times are changing, he said luxury brands were now “under attack” from sportswear companies, on top of the usual competition from their luxury peers.

But so-called “sneakerization” could steal market share from more traditional and formal-looking footwear, industry operators say.

“After many seasons of comfortable shoes, it will be hard to bring women back on heels,” said Federica Montelli, head of fashion at Milan’s renowned la Rinascente department store.



Blue snake and profit margins

In central Milan a pair of Nike’s black leather, ankle-high Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium sneakers sell for over 400 euros. Only steps away, in one of the city’s most exclusive shopping areas, clients buy a pair of Gucci’s ACE made with the GG logo canvas, with a blue snake-leather detail for 450 euros.

“What has changed is competition, with a clear overlap,” said Claudia D’Arpizio, partner at Bain & Co. “Luxury consumers are buying Nike and adidas and vice-versa.”

Ilaria, a young saleswoman in Milan streetwear shop One Block Down, said that many customers walk in carrying shopping bags from the nearby luxury boutiques.



Sports groups say they are not worried by the competition.

“If (luxury groups) go the sports way, it is only positive,” said Puma Chief Executive Bjorn Gulden said. “If that is a trend that pulls the sneaker market up, we can only be happy.”

Analysts also say the intensifying competition is unlikely to erode profit margins because the market is expanding.

“There is large space for prices moving up,” said Erwan Rambourg from HSBC. “The ‘luxurization’ of sneakers could possibly impact margins positively.”

Why Kim Kardashian-West wore Vetements to the White House

The reality TV star met with the US president to discuss prison reform, and wore the playful French brand for the occasion. Was she trolling Trump or making a bigger statement?

10 Can’t-Live-Without Fashion Fixes That Were Created for (and by) Women

Let’s hear it for the ladies! We rarely — if ever — miss the opportunity to spotlight all the trailblazing women in our lives out there doing amazing things. And by amazing, we mean solving everyday problems plaguing women everywhere. Like when you’re in a pinch and need deodorant towelettes and double-sided tape on the go. Or when you’re on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction (been there, done that), and could use that little-known something (ahem, Spanx) to help save the day. Ahead, you’ll find 10 fashion and lifestyle fixes that were created by and for women. From smaller startups to side hustles, these female-founded fashion brands have blossomed into full-fledged businesses.

1. Sphynx: Forgot to shave? No problem. Self-proclaimed SHE-EO Leila Kashani Manshoory read every busy girl’s mind when she prototyped her idea for Sphynx. The Sphynx Pink Me Up 3-in-1 Portable Razor ($15) includes two razor blades, a refillable water spray bottle, and a moisturizing pre-shave bar to make shaving on the go a breeze — should you be en route to a high-stakes business meeting, the gym, or a hot date.

2. Pinch Provisions: What started out as a mother-daughter venture between Jamie Kaplan and her mother Georgette has officially grown into a full-fledged business — now serving over two million women and counting — of shemergency kits stocked with all those little extras you need stat. Make a splash (pun intended) with the Pinch Provisions Pool Party Kit($14) complete with everything from an emergency drink umbrella to a floatie repair patch (#priorities).

3. Dress Downs: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the wind on a gusty day by having the hem of your dress unexpectedly blow up. Girllll, we feel ya. After experiencing her very own Marilyn Monroe moment (in the Windy City, no less), Simone Magee, a native Floridian-turned-Chicagoan, founded Dress Downs ($12). Easy as peel, place, and go, these reusable garment weights can be applied to the inside hem of your dress for a stress-free commute.

4. Commando: You need not be a Hollywood starlet to reap the benefits that come along with rocking Commando to your next formal or summer soiree. Kerry O’Brien, the driving force behind the intimates line known for its seamless “invisible underwear,” simply wants all women to look and feel fabulous from the bottom on up. Ditch the VPL (visible panty lines) with this cheeky Commando Cherries Thong ($26) that’ll be a fit for all your summer-ready frocks.

5. Solemates: Calling all well-heeled ladies! Gear up for a season of outdoor weddings and shindigs with a set of Solemates’ Heel Protectors ($25). The OG crystal clear heel stoppers — founded by Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown — are a discreet way to protect your stilettos from, er, potentially tricky situations, whether it be wobbly cobblestone streets, city sidewalk grates, or grass.

6. Hollywood Secret: We turn to founders Jane Dailey and Marni Bumsted for the fast fashion fix that err’body should have on standby. Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ best-selling Hollywood Fashion Tape ($11) remains celeb stylists’ #1 choice, and for good reason. Known to perform undercover wardrobe magic, the clear double-stick fashion tape can be used to secure plunging necklines and keep more risqué pieces (think: backless summer tops and barely-there gowns) in place.

7. Bagnet: Public restrooms without a bag hook should be a crime, amirite? Bagnet founder Kelley Daring set out to rescue handbags everywhere with her line of luxury magnetic key fobs that double as impromptu handbag holders. How it works: Once the Emma Bagnet ($25) has been fastened to your purse strap, the strong magnets will then attach to a bathroom stall door, a barstool, or any table base to create a portable hook.

8. The Handbag Raincoat: YOU GUYS. Handbag raincoats do exist… all thanks to Morgan Sarner and her experience with big-city living. Should you find yourself caught in a torrential downpour, allow The Handbag Raincoat Star Print With Benefits ($18) — made to fit any medium-sized handbag — to come to the rescue. Complete with a top velcro seam, this rainy day topper is an efficient (and chic) way to protect your stylish carryalls from Mother Nature’s elements.

9. Spanx: “It all started with a pair of pantyhose, some scissors, and a bright idea.” And so, Spanx was born. With a mission to help empower and elevate women everywhere, Sara Blakely’s line of confidence-boosting slimming shapewear — a cult-favorite fashion fix on and off the red carpet — has since expanded to include bras, underwear and, most recently, activewear. Allow this Spanx Workout to Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra ($58) to accompany you to your next spinning class.

10. Bandalettes: Having struggled with uncomfortable thigh chafing for years, Julia Abasova joined forces with now business partner Rena Abramoff to establish Bandalettes($17), the covetable lingerie addition that’s about to change the way you dress. Promoting self-love and encouraging confidence with each wear, the lace thigh bands featuring anti-slip silicone technology are designed to prevent the irritation that comes along with wearing a dress or skirt on a balmy summer day.

Toe Shoes, the Most Hideous Footwear of All, Are Making an Actual Comeback

Is Jonathan Anderson as obsessed with the gangly oddities of feet as much as I am? It seems so. A few days ago, he posted a print from his JW Anderson men’s Fall 2018 collection that showed a cartoon man’s tongue slobbering on a whiskered pinkie toe. Soon after, he followed up with a wiggly preview of what to expect from the Loewe Resort 2019 collection: He posted a pair of cheerful needlepoint slippers depicting naked toes—toe rings and snazzy French pedicures included!—and a jet-black, hardened gladiator sandal with sculpted—and also bejeweled—Roman statue feet.

Anderson’s foray into the realm of human hooves doesn’t come as a complete surprise. In fact, there was a phalangeal shake-up in the footwear world just a few months ago. It started slowly with a single digit playing peekaboo here and there, like at Y/Project Spring 2018, which featured shocking highlighter-yellow and dainty rose-printed mules that showcased the big toe. Then the complete opposite structure appeared at Céline Pre-Fall 2017, where the big toe was hidden by a cap on a sandal that showed off its four scrunched siblings. Of course, the thong heel—a practical pedestal for splayed toes—came back with a vengeance thanks to Kim Kardashian West, who recently took a pair out for a spin. Meanwhile, Rebel Royale, the creator behind the bringer-of-bad-shoes Instagram account@crimesagainstshoemanity, created a cheap mock-up of a “high fashion” toe shoe—an actual rubbery toe shoe with “Balenciaga” printed on its side. The foot-filled feed gave way to the phenomenon that my colleagues and I have branded “The Year of the Toe.”

Of course, toe shoes have been rearing their unsexy and fascinating heads for quite some time. On the casual end of the spectrum, Vibram is known for its webby digit-defining shoes—one for every on-the-go lifestyle and sport. And then, there are the runway incarnations of toe shoes, too, like Céline’s frightening trompe l’oeil toe-polish pumps from Spring 2013. More recently, MM6 Maison Margiela released a mule that separates each toe. It’s like the freaky OCD cousin of the Margiela Tabi shoe.


MM6 Margiela Slip-On Toe Mules

Photo: Courtesy of FarFetch

But Loewe’s toe shoes have a more down-to-earth appeal, a perfect mix of gift shop cheek and meticulous craftsmanship. Similar humorous examples have appeared on @crimesagainstshoemanity. Here, in this deliciously grotesque trove of heinous footwear, there are slideshows dedicated to shoes with crude, painted-on bare feet, complete with anklets and yes, toe rings. (Run, don’t walk: Some of those very pieces are currently available for purchase on Etsy. For Royale, today’s toe shoe moment is a natural progression. “It’s not the first time for a label to make such an emphasis of the toenail, as I feel like [I] need to mention the Céline red-painted toenail heels. But for me the biggest crime with those was that they only came in one skin tone,” she writes in an email. “The Loewe has the upper hand, or foot, on that one.”